Credit: Jionni LaValle on Instagram Photo: Lorenzo Drinking Bottle With One Hand

Snooki’s adorable baby, Lorenzo, is growing up so fast! It seems like every time we turn around, Snooks is filling us in on his latest tricks. His baby book must be filling up pretty quickly!

And this week, daddy Jionni LaValle posted a super cute Instagram pic of Lorenzo’s newest milestone: drinking with one hand! Lorenzo looks pretty proud of himself, too. We just hope he doesn’t get ahead of himself now that he’s becoming more coordinated — no double-fisting formula, Lorenzo!  

Jionni and Snooki love sharing photos of Lorenzo as he grows, and earlier this week, Snooki shared the cutest picture ever of her reading one of her favorite childhood books to her son. Can we join your family?

Are you impressed with Lorenzo’s latest trick? Let us know below!