It’s our favorite time of the week again: Snooki’s famous Throwback Thursday post is up and ready for us to see! And although it’s hard to compete with last week’s “Sexy Santa” picture, we think this one is pretty cute.

Snooks hopped on to her Celebuzz blog and uploaded a pic of her younger self posing with the man himself, Elvis Presley. Well, kind of — it’s a statue, anyway. And in our opinion, they make a pretty cute couple.

“This was in ocean city when I was 19. I mean I look cute, but I’m so glad I have arm tattoos now,” said Snooki. “How plain jane was this.”

We agree that Snooki’s changed a ton since this photo was taken — we don’t think we’ve ever seen her wear a hat like that — or a denim skirt, which is definitely a sign of the times. And although her orange tan used to be her trademark, we’re glad it’s something she’s (mostly) grown out of. Snooki’s current look is unquestionably her best.

What do you think of Snooki’s latest Throwback Thursday pose with Elvis? Which has been your favorite so far? Let us know below!