Long weekends are the best for sleeping late, which is something we have a feeling busy mommy Snooki doesn’t get the opportunity to do too often — and definitely won’t get to do on Dancing With the Stars. Over this Labor Day weekend, though, we have a feeling she may have caught up on some missed sleep — judging by her latest selfie, anyway.

Snooks uploaded a pic of her crazy bed head (and in-your-face cleavage) right after she woke up on Sunday, and we love it. Even though we can’t see much of her face, this picture just reminds us how much we love that fiery red hair… and her bed looks so comfy!

Snooki’s been big on showing off her other bedtime looks, too. We already know she’s all about the sneakers, but have you seen these crazy pajamas she wore earlier this summer? Not our thing, but Snooki can pull off anything! She’s even been brave enough to show off her makeup-free, just before bed face as she posed with her fiance, Jionni LaValle, before they hit the hay. We love her fresh faced looks!

What do you think of Snooki’s bedtime style — hot or not? Cast your vote below!