It looks like Vinny Guadagnino took a break from making (occasionally offensive) Instagram videos to kick back and relax at a hookah bar this week.

Vinny posted a not-so-attractive photo of himself blowing smoke late Tuesday night with the caption, “#hookah.” We’re glad he’s taking the time to chill out after his busy schedule filming the first season of his spin-off talk show, The Show With Vinny.

So what else has Vinny been up to since The Show With Vinny wrapped in July? Taking improv comedy classes at UCB and bravely hit the stage at the Laugh Factory to share his jokes. “I made everyone laugh,” Vinny said. “They say after your first time, it gets easier, so I’m looking forward to more of that.”

And what’s next up for Vin? He’s not sure, but he knows he “wants to stay in entertainment.” We wonder what he’s got in mind. We know he’s not only interested in comedy, but in music, too — he first shared his passion with us when he remade the Drake song, Versace, into a music video of his own. Maybe his pal Pauly D could give him a hand? If Deena can break into music, we’re sure Vinny can too.

What do you think Vinny’s next career move should be? Let us know below!