Earlier this week, our favorite guido, The Situation, filmed a segment on the New York-based local talk show, Live From the Couch — but the coolest moment for Mike happened behind the cameras when he ran into another guest in the green room: NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt, Jr.!

“Look who I met in the green room today!” Mike said alongside the photo of the two of them that he posted on Instagram. “Dale Earnhardt jr.! #awesome #win.”

Mike looks super excited in his picture with Dale, and we know this must have been a big moment for him. It’s no secret that Mike has a HUGE obsession with remote controlled cars — have you seen his massive collection? We wonder if Mike challenged Dale to a race. We’d totally watch that!

The Sitch has a penchant for running into celebrities. Earlier this summer, he bumped into The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus — aka Daryl Dixon himself. Hey, Mike, can you share some of your luck with us, please?

What do you think of Mike’s meet up with Dale Earnhardt, Jr.? Let us know below!