The Jersey Shore gang are all notorious animal lovers — Vinny Guadagnino even stands up for pet adoption with the ASPCA. Our girl Sammi Sweetheart is famous for bragging about her dogs, and now it’s Deena Nicole’s turn. Have you seen Deena’s age-defying cat?

Credit: Deena Nicole on Instagram Photo: Deena Nicole's 21-Year-Old Cat

Deena posted a picture of the cat she’s had almost her entire life on Monday, and we can’t believe how old she is! “My cat buddy,” said Deena. “Almost 21 years old and still truckin… 147 in cat years.” We must admit, this kitty looks good for her age!

But do most cats live to be old enough to order a drink? According to the ASPCA, most cats only live 13-17 years… although it isn’t unheard of for a cat to see it’s second decade. Here’s to another 9 lives for Deena’s adorable cat.

And this old girl isn’t the only cat Deena has — check out the fluffy white Mako. So precious!

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What do you think of Deena’s cat? Can you believe how old it is? Hit the comments and sound off below!