Vinny Guadagnino’s schedule has freed up a bit since he finished filming the first season of his MTV talk show, The Show with Vinny, with his adorable mom, Paola. And recently, one of his fans made a rather brazen offer to help him fill his time, which Vinny kindly shared with us on Instagram.

“Best email I ever got,” said Vinny alongside a screencap of the email. And although the author of the message isn’t the best speller, it’s pretty clear he or she was propositioning Vinny to come strip at her party. The former Jersey Shore cast members often make appearances at all kinds of events, but this is a first.

And we’ve gotta admit — his fan made quite the case. A birthday, going away, and bachelorette party all rolled into one? But Vinny sets his price a little high. “I’m $20K an hour,” he said. “And will only be paid in singles showered on me.”

We know Vinny’s a good looking guy, but when we think about his next career moves, stripper was never very high on our list. Magic Mike 2 extra, maybe, but not an actual stripper!

Would you invite Vinny to be a stripper at your next party? Let us know below!