Credit: MTV Photo: Pauly D Steps Between Ronnie and Vinny in Season 2, Episode 7, "Sleeping With the Enemy"
No wonder everybody on the Shore is so buff: there’s so much music playing on the show, it’s hard to know when to stop fist pumping! Here are all of the beats from Episode 2.7, "Sleeping With the Enemy":

"Kill Em All," Automatic Static
"If They Come Again," Val Emmich
"Nothing's Gonna Take Me Away," The Snow
"Turtle and the Flightless Bird," Devin Davis
"Weekend Tongue," Donora
"The Way That We Go," Locksley
"Unforgettable Night," Jamestown Story
"Do You?" National Skyline
"For the Fame," That Was Something
"Fall From a Star," Kill Paradise
"Who Are the Replacements?" The Static Jacks
"The Gift of a Black Heart," Said the Whale
"Gettin' Over You," David Guetta feat. Fergie, Chris Willis, and LMFAO
"Like That," Candy Coated Chaos
"Ugly," The Terms
"Sound the Alarm," Brightwood
"Got a Feeling," Dirty Little Secret
"If You Want Me To," Saundi Wilson
"Second Floor," Light FM
"Chemical Reaction," Overbreaker
"Surprise Me," Disco Curtis
"Whatever I Want," Nikki Lynette
"Pop Magic," Skiddalz
"Get It in Dot Com," Cru & Impirio