Credit: Sunny Norton

Pauly D has one of the clearest Jersey Shore personas. It's right there in his nickname: DJ Pauly D. He's a hard-partying guido who loves to rock out to good beats. But is there more to him than just a rocking good time? Of course!

To prove it, here are seven crazy facts about the star.

1. He owns his own tanning bedNow, that's dedication to the guido cause.

2. He doesn't eat fishDespite his health obsession, this is one low-cal food Pauly doesn't enjoy.

3. He says a prayer every night before bedHis mama would be proud. As she should be, because she's the most important woman in his life.

4. He was recruited to Jersey Shore through his MySpace pageWho says MySpace never gets you anywhere? It's making a comeback, y'all!

5. He's been DJing since he was 16DJing isn't just something Pauly's decided to do because he's famous — it's been a passion since he was a teen.

6. He loves motorcyclesHeck, he owns three of them!

7. His catch phrases aren't just for TV. He insists that he doesn't play up his over-the-top way of speaking for the camera. He says that's always been the way he talks.

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