Credit: Hellmuth Dominguez/Pacific Coast News Photo: The Situation Shows Off His Abs at BOA Steakhouse in Hollywood on August 9, 2011

That common reality television defense (“I was only joking!”) applies to many a nasty comment tossed by many a Housewife — and it turns out, Abercrombie & Fitch can use it as a legal defense against The Situation.

As we reported several weeks ago, The Situation decided to sue the mass retailer for $4 million, claiming, among other things, copyright infringement and taking advantage of his stardom to sell clothes without his permission. To refresh your memories, A&F had begun selling T-shirts that said, “The Fituation,” and “G.T.L. You know the deal” and then put out a press release offering The Sitch money to stop wearing their clothes in public.

Well, Abercrombie has responded to the suit in a big way, first by dismissing The Situation’s allegations that he, or his branding company MPS Entertainment, has even trademarked either “The Situation” or “G.T.L.” A&F also stated: 

"A&F's t-shirt bearing the phrase ‘The Fitchuation’ was a pun or turn of phrase, parodying Sorrentino's nickname for himself as 'The Situation'. As Plaintiffs plead, Sorrentino has appeared on several nationally televised programs and as such is a public figure, subject to being parodied by virtue of his presence in the public eye.” 

We think the Sitch could really learn a thing or two from the retailer’s defense strategy. The next time he angers Snooki with those hook-up rumors, he can just tell her (and America), he was only kidding. 


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