Credit: MTV, Sammi's Twitter Photo: Sammi and Ronnie Season 1 and Now

Some people (excuse us, most people) thought Sammi and Ronnie's relationship would never make it through all of the drama on the early Jersey Shore seasons. But these two got the last laugh.  

The couple first met on Season 1, where they were in a rocky relationship, fighting over cheating scandals, getting into physical altercations, and constantly annoying the other roommates with their incessant bickering.

But then, at the end of Season 4 in Italy, the unthinkable happened — Sam and Ron stopped fighting (and we stopped screaming at our TVs). The couple even maintained their relaxed relationship for Season 5, staying happy and out of the drama.

So what's next for these two, you ask? Well, SamRon officially moved in together in New York City and they even split the housework 50/50 — a sign of true love, if you ask us.

Are you happy that the once-tumultuous couple are on the up-and-up? Let us know in the reaction buttons below.

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