Credit: The Media Circuit/ Photo: Pauly D Shops and Chats at Beverly Center in Beverly Hills on September 11, 2010

Newsflash: Halloween isn’t just about you and your excuse-to-look-slutty costume. Whether he’ll admit it or not, your husband/boyfriend/man-candy also wants to get in a costume to let his inhibitions out. So what better way to give you both what you want than to spend Halloween as a pair of Jersey Shore guidos? Obviously, you already have your Snooki essentials picked out, so all that’s left is helping your man get his GTL on. Gel is a no-brainer, as is the requisite tan, and when it comes to laundry, he couldn’t do better than an Ed Hardy printed t-shirt. Spray on a few puffs of Axe cologne and, BAM, instant Pauly D.


href="">Anatomy of a Costume: Pauly D

Anatomy of a Costume: Pauly D by pbcrook-wetpaint featuring a silver necklace