Credit: Thos Robinson/Getty Images for Starbucks Photo: Angelina Models at Style 360's Express Your Love Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2011 on September 14, 2010
The mystery of why Angelina was a no-show to the VMAs has been solved. While her Jersey Shore cast mates were walking the white carpet in Los Angeles on September 12,  MTV reports that Angelina was modeling at New York's Fashion Week. Yes, modeling. Although she's only got a few inches on the 4-foot-9 Snooki, Angelina strutted her stuff at Style360's Caravan spring 2011 fashion show on Tuesday, September 14.

Her hairstyle — and her dress, come to think of it — brings to mind Samantha's mother Endora from Bewitched. All of the attention, however, was surely on Angelina's companion, a bulldog with a bigger pout than "The Staten Island Ferry" after a night of blackout drinking.