Credit: Sunny Norton

Pauly D has had a pretty exciting year with the release of hit single “Back to Love”, tons of DJ gigs at some of the country’s hottest clubs, being voted “Favorite DJ Of All Time” by Ryan Seacrest, and even a special upcoming appearance at a benefit for Orange County Choppers! Damn, Pauly — get it!

Now Pauly is collaborating with another huge company, and we’re pretty excited to find out what he’ll be doing with them. He recently tweeted: “Thank you @Walmart For A Great Meeting !!!! Looking Forward To What's To Come.”

Walmart? Hmm, is Pauly creating a new product for them? Is he going to be featured in an ad campaign? We don’t know, but we’re excited to find out! Maybe he’s designing some awesome headphones or releasing his album exclusively there...

What do you think of Pauly working with Walmart? What do you think he’ll be doing with the company? Sound off below!