Credit: Twitter Photo: DJ Pauly D Gets Straddled by Britney Spears

Pauly D must really be working his charms on Britney Spears — or at least flashing that winning smile backstage — because the pop princess hauled him out in the middle of her performance during a recent stop on her Femme Fatale Tour and treated the Jersey Shore star to quite the private show. Except it wasn't private — it was in front of droves of screaming fans!

She sat Pauly in a chair on stage, and draped a very attractive pink feather boa on the spiky-haired DJ. Britney then proceeded to climb atop Pauly's muscular shoulders and sing a song while straddling his head. Put your eyes back in their sockets: Pauly tweeted a pic of the whole shebang, for those of you dying to see it. His ear-to-ear grin is totally priceless.

Britney seemed pretty comfortable up there, but we're sure Pauly is a very stable base (plus, it looks like she had a spotter behind her). But if he said he wanted your body now, Brit, would you hold it against him?

Source: Twitter

Credit: YouTube Photo: Watch! Britney Spears Gives Pauly D a Lap Dance