Credit: Oxygen Photo: The Cast of Brooklyn 11223

The latest neighborhood to get the Jersey Shore treatment actually sounds like a worthy contender: Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. This is a neighborhood with plenty of poufs, sass, and rivalries to fill a dramatic season of OMG-worthy TV.

Focusing on girls only, the show will follow six tough chicks in the same docu-series style as Jersey Shore. The central drama circles around a long-simmering childhood grudge between Christy Maria Livoti, a Brooklyn-born, Sammi Sweetheart look-a-like and Joey Lynn Tekulve, who has the same “tough girl exterior” as JWOWW, and the same Friends Come First attitude to boot.

The big fight from their past is, predictably, about a boy. There will be four more girlfriends from the same neighborhood who get to peacock around in gold chain belts, skintight jeans, and pleather platforms.

Check out the cast here, and read more about the quarrels in the NY Post. Brooklyn 11223 premieres on Monday, March 26 on Oxygen.

Will you be watching?

Catch an all-new Jersey Shore on Thursday, February 23 at 10p.m. ET on MTV.

Source: NY Post

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