Credit: Jonany Manfre on Facebook Photo: The Situation's Friend Jonathan Manfre Poses With a Snake

Turns out this past weekend at the Jersey Shore house was a little crazier than most! reports that a friend of The Situation was arrested at the cast’s Seaside Heights beach house at about 3AM on Sunday, July 24.

Seaside Height Police Department Detective Steve Korman told RadarOnline that Jonathan Manfre, 32, "attempted to get into the MTV house and he came in contact with security along with Seaside Heights off-duty security.”

The detective continued, "Patrolman Roth found that he was in possession of a controlled dangerous substance, a white powdery substance." Ruh-roh. That doesn’t sound good!

Not that Jonny is currently resting behind bars or anything. After being booked at the Ocean County jail on Sunday, The Sitch’s friend posted his $1,000 bail and was released later that night.

Hopefully he’ll just stick to fist-pumping and Red Bull from now on!

Source: Radar Online