Think Jersey Shore is just for us Average Joe, trainwreck-TV junkies? Think again! Here are a handful of celebs who have come out of the closet about their love for television's most deliciously guilty pleasure.*


We have to hand it to her: Katy Perry definitely knows how to rock a novelty T-shirt! A few months ago the paparazzi snapped pics of the "California Girls" singer wearing a "GTL" shirt which, as every true Jersey Shore fan knows, stands for the Guido mantra, "Gym, Tan, Laundry." If that's not enough, when Katy met fan fave Snooki at the 2010 Grammy Awards she immediately tweeted "Tonight's gonna be a good night." Boy, we sure are starting to notice a pattern of Snooki-obsessed celebs, aren't we?


At the 2010 Grammy Awards superfan Miley Cyrus actually met the legendary Snooki, who was hilariously covering the event for MTV News. "It's my favorite show!" the celebutween confided to the Guidette with a heart of gold. Miley then dropped the bombshell that she's actually dressing up as Snooki (her fave cast member!) for Halloween. "I'm gonna be you! — I'm doin' the pouf and everything!" Go ahead and dress like her, Miley — just promise us that you won't steal any of Snooki's legendary dance moves.

When Mad Men won Best TV Drama at the Golden Globes a few months ago, cast member January Jones used the opportunity to tell the world about her love of all things Jersey Shore. We're not sure if the actress, best known as the long-suffering housewife Betty Draper, was joking or not — but considering Ms. Jones' notorious hosting job on SNL last November is almost universally regarded as the most humorless 90 minutes in all of the show's 35 years on air, chances are we'll never know if she was making a joke or not.
Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Photo: Leonardo DiCaprio


The teen heartthrob-turned-A-list actor spilled the beans about his love for Snooki and Co. back in January at a press junket for his most recent movie, Shutter Island. Speaking to Access Hollywood's Billy Bush, Leo said, "It's a funny show! You gotta admit it." Funny? Huh — we always thought Jersey Shore was more Greek tragedy than comedy. Oh, and word to the wise, Leo: that goatee might fly out there in Hollywood, but down on the shore a chin strap is the only acceptable form of facial hair!


File this one under "Truly Bizarre." So when the preview clips for Jersey Shore's second season were released a few weeks ago, fans were treated to a scene where Snooki said her less-than-orange pallor was because "Obama put a 10% tax on tanning." In a move that probably surprised even Snooki, Obama's presidential rival John McCain issued the following response via Twitter: "@Sn00ki u r right, I would never tax your tanning bed! Pres Obama's tax/spending policy is quite The Situation. but I do rec wearing sunscreen!" In less than 140 characters, McCain managed to: a) make a Jersey Shore-related pun, b) make a political attack on Obama's fiscal policies, c) text-speak like a tech-savvy 13-year-old, d) dish out health tips for safer tanning, and e) confess his love of all things Snooki. Frankly we couldn't be more shocked or amused than if Nancy Pelosi tweeted dating tips to train-wreck and Real Housewife of New Jersey, Danielle Staub.

*In retrospect, we're not sure if these celebs love Jersey Shore so much as they're completely fascinated with America's new national treasure, Snooki.


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