Credit: Twitter Photo: Deena Nicole Kisses a Girl

Deena Nicole is no stranger to sapphic love (she hooked up with not one but two women during Season 4) but now that she’s fully committed to new boyfriend Chris we would have thought that she was finished with lesbian love. However, Deena, ever the free spirit, proved that she can still smooch the ladies and be a good girlfriend.

Deena tweeted a photo of her kissing a female friend named Litza at what looks like some sort of house party. We know that Deena loves to smooch BFF Snooki so it should come as no surprise that she enjoys locking lips with other lady pals.

But don’t think that this smooch is evidence of Deena being done with Chris, the petite Jersey Shore star recently tweeted a photo of flowers that her boyfriend sent her, saying that he can always put a smile on her face. Aww.

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Source: Twitter, Twitter

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