Things recently got twice as sweet for Sammi Sweetheart, and while we hope Ronnie won’t confuse her and her “twin,” we have to admit that this Instagram pic had us seeing double — in the best way possible!

But don’t get too excited, Jersey Shore  fans — there’s more than meets the eye with this mysterious “twin”! “My stick figure lol,” Sammi captioned the photo of her next to a cardboard cutout of herself.

Credit: Instagram Photo: Sammi Sweetheart and Her "Twin"

Sorry to disappoint y’all! However, her cardboard lookalike isn’t the only thing that resembles Sam — she actually has a sister!

Back in June, we introduced you to Sammis sister, Nikki, who is equally as stunning, has gorgeous brown hair, loves working out, and even has her own company called Fixx Me Fitness! We’ll just go ahead and call them twinsies.

Did you think Sammi had a twin, or did you know we were just kidding around? Tell us below!