Credit: MTV

In honor of Throwback Thursday, Pauly D tweeted this adorable pic of him and his BFF Vinny, sharing a “bromantic” moment together in the confessional on the set of Jersey Shore. “#tbt @VinnyGuadagnino #hestillhasnotan,” he tweeted jokingly. It’s crazy to think that these two would probably have never spoken if not for the show, especially since Vinny admitted to hating “guys with blow-outs” before he got to know Pauly!

Credit: Twitter

We miss Pauly D and Vinny so much, especially watching them goof off and play pranks on their unsuspecting roommates. No one did a prank war better than Vinny and Pauly! Vinny learned how to be a true guido from his image-conscious BFF, and he even got his tan on (and more tattoos!) in later seasons.

While we hope that they hang out take more pics together soon, for now we can rejoice in this screenshot from an old Shore episode of the two fist-pumping away.

Do you miss Vinny and Pauly D? What was your favorite Jersey Shore friendship? Sound off below!