Credit: Snooki's Twitter

Most people think of Snooki as a Jerseylicious girl who loves to tan, drink, and party. But was she always that way? Not exactly.

“I like going to church!” she exclaimed in an interview with Celebuzz. “I was an altar girl. I went to church ever single Sunday … my parents made me until I was like, 14. That’s when I started partying, so that went down the drain.”

But now that Snooki’s partying days are (mostly) over and she has a son of her own, does she still attend? And does she bring Lorenzo with her?

“About three weeks ago, I brought Lorenzo to church,” she said. “So now that Lorenzo's here, I’m going to try to go every week, every Sunday, so he grows up like I did.”

While we knew Snooki would be married in a church some day, we didn’t realize that it was such a big part of her family tradition.

Hey, maybe Ronnie and Sam could join in, since his New Year’s resolution was to go to church more often!

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Source: Celebuzz