Less than a month after unveiling the music video for her single “Reality,” teen bride Courtney Stodden is mulling over an adult website’s proposal to shoot a racy, porn star-filled remake.

Twisty’s.com vice president Eddy Rosa pitched a “Katy Perry meets Lady Gaga” concept to the 18-year-old reality star, according to E! Online, and suggested porn actor Keiran Lee for her leading man in the video — with a trio of the company’s other “talents” as supporting players.

In the proposed video, Courtney and Keiran would have electric chemistry at a party setting before Courtney “seduces the camera” and shows off “her seductive assets” on a bedroom set, followed by a shot of Keiran waking up in bed to find Courtney’s phone number written on a napkin.

“Creative liberty would be in your control and that of your producer," Eddy writes. "There are no limits to the success that can be achieved.”

We’ll just have to wait and see — or choose not to see — if that happens. In the meantime, check out the more PG-13 video below.

Source: E! News

Credit: YouTube Photo: Courtney Stodden "Reality" Music Video