Credit: Winning/Splash News Photo: Deena Takes a Spill at MTV's Spring Break 2011

Silly, Deena, spills are for spring breakers! Yes, the affable Jersey Shore star, turned MTV Spring Break 2011 host, almost fell off stage at one of the events she was hosting this weekend in Las Vegas at the Palms.

Apparently, Deena Nicole was hyping up the crowd on stage where Pauly D was spinning, and, while trying to step down off the stage, she almost took a tumble off her sky high platforms directly into the pool! And she wasn't wearing a swimsuit, either. Deena would have made a splash in a tiny white romper, which we're sure would gave given everyone quite the show sopping wet. Actually, it was pretty lucky she went with a romper, rather than a miniskirt, considering that, in order to pull herself back up, she flashed the cameras quite the crotch shot.

Hopefully, Deena has learned her lesson, and won't stray quite so close to the edge from now on — especially considering the prankster roommates she's hosting Spring Break with.

Source: Daily Mail


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