Credit: Thelonius / Splash News Photo: Deena Leaves the Jersey Shore House For the Last Time on August 1, 2011

Have you been jealously eyeing Deena's giant hair flowers wondering where you could get yourself a terrific bee-attracting accessory of your very own? Look no further. Deena smartly jumped on the branding bandwagon her co-stars have been on for months, and developed her very own line!

The Blast in a Glass has teamed up with Shamballa to create a line of jewelry inspired by Deena Nicole, and the accessories have expanded to include signature flower hair bows. Some are cute, some are ridiculously over the top, some are leopard-printed, and some are bling-encrusted, so there's sure to be a bloom for every babe. Hopefully, prominently displaying one atop your coif will keep your bestie from mistaking you for the enemy in a bar fight, which is more than we can say for Meatballs #1 and #2 in last week's episode of Jersey Shore.

Check out Deena's hair flowers here!