Credit: JosiahW / Splash News Photo: Deena at the YRB Magazine Summer Issue Cover Celebration on August 10, 2011

Since Jersey Shore Season 4 premiered last week, the internet has been obsessed with the question of whether or not JWOWW had work done to her face. When the New York Post asked meatball number two, Deena Nicole Cortese, to weigh in, she told the paper that she doesn't think JWOWW had plastic surgery done to her face — but she did!

That's right, folks. Deena had a nose job! The spunky guidette didn't clarify if this is a recent development or something that happened before she even joined the show, but now that she mentions it, we definitely think her nose looks different in this picture from a recent event in New York. Interesting.

Deena also explained her definition of class: "Class is, you know, not showing your boobs or butt. Anything is classy, as long as you do it with your pinky up; I was taught that." This explains so much, really. We wonder if she kept her pinky up through the operation to make sure her nose job stayed on the sophisiticated end of facial surgery style.

Source: New York Post