Credit: Instagram Photo: Deena Nicole and Boyfriend Chris on Valentine's Day 2013

Deena Nicole is over the moon in love with her boyfriend Chris Buckner, and we can see why! He’s an amazing guy who’s always been there for Deena, even when she nearly had a breakdown at the Jersey Shore house from anxiety over missing him.

The two recently took a huge step on Valentine’s Day and made the decision to travel to Aruba together for their first big vacation as a couple! So romantic.

But that’s not all the two have been doing together. From birthday getaways to deciding to move in together this year, the couples have had a lot of adorable “firsts” that we’ve loved witnessing, and recently they had another one — and it took a lot of time and hard work!

“Finally finished [our] first puzzle! @himynameischrisx,” Deena tweeted recently, along with an Instagram pic showing off the process of completing a huge and crazy puzzle of two wolves. 

Credit: Instagram Photo: Deena Nicole and Boyfriend Chris Put Together a Puzzle

It looks like it took a lot of patience, time and effort, and we think it’s amazing they worked together on it! Doing challenging things with your significant other is a great way to build on your relationship.

However, they did do a puzzle of their faces together on Valentine’s Day, so technically this is their second puzzle...

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