Credit: Instagram Photo: Deena Nicole Makes Out With Her Boyfriend, Chris

Deena Nicole is sexy and she knows it, and during an impromptu trip to Atlantic City for her pal’s birthday, the attention was all on her!

Instead of dancing with her friends, for part of the night, she wore a super-short, sexy black dress and sat in her man’s lap, engaging in some serious PDA in the dark night club! And though Chris isn’t feeling her up, she is showing off a lot of leg in this Instagram pic, looking better than ever as they canoodle on the couch.

And that’s not all! Deena looked absolutely stunning with her hair in slightly-messy waves and her eye makeup smoky and sexy. But our favorite part of the pic are those crazy heels. Look how high those stilettos are — no wonder she’s sitting in Chris’s lap!

What do you think of Deena’s Atlantic City look? Is her PDA too cute or a little too much for a friend’s b-day bash? Tell us below!