Credit: Instagram

Deena Nicole has been working hard on her fitness and health lately, cutting back on drinking in favor of healthy eating and plenty of exercise to get herself ready for her big trip to Aruba with her boyfriend Chris. Now it looks like all of her hard work has paid off in an awesome way, as she’s ready for summer and rocking her fit bikini bod!

Deena Instagrammed two sexy new pictures showing off her bod and cleavage in two different style bathing suits.

The first suit is a funky pink, leopard-print cut-out monokini that shows off her curves and cleavage. “Love this suit!,” she wrote as a caption for this Instagram pic. “#venus Whatchya think?” 

Credit: Instagram

The second suit is a very sexy yellow string bikini that shows off Deena’s rockin’ bikini bod. “Almost Aruba ready!,” she wrote as a caption for this Instagram pic. “Couple more weeks to go! Couple more pounds to lose!” While we think Deena looks amazing as she is and definitely doesn’t need to lose a couple more pounds, we’re proud of her for being motivated on staying fit and healthy.

Which swimsuit is your favorite on Deena: the pink leopard-print one-piece or the sexy yellow string bikini? Vote below!