Credit: Instagram

It’s hard to imagine our girl Deena Nicole abstaining from alcohol. She was always the life of the party on Jersey Shore, never afraid to let loose and be herself. But now that the show is over and she’s settling down with boyfriend Chris Buckner, she may be turning over a new leaf (or “new league,” as Snooki would say).

Deena recently Instagrammed a pic of her looking exhausted, yet cute, with bedhead, captioned, “And this is why I don't drink anymore lol .. I turn out looking like this.” We think she looks adorable either way, but since she’s cut down on drinking, one crazy night may have really backfired the morning after.

Credit: Instagram

But don’t worry, y’all — Deena is still her wild and crazy meatball self, and she’s still got plenty of “meatball problems” to prove it. “I haven’t had these #meatball problems in a while,” she captioned a funny Instagram pic of her dressed in a “sick outfit,” which included slipper boots, plaid PJ pants, and a ridiculous fur coat. A pair of sunglasses tops off the ensemble, natch.

We love that Deena isn’t afraid to poke fun at herself. She’s grown up so much since leaving the Shore House for the final time, yet still remains the adorable, goofy meatball we’ve all come to love. You go, girl!

Are you surprised that Deena is drinking less these days? What do you think of her latest “meatball problems”? Tell us below!