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One of the saddest scenes on Jersey Shore Season 6, the final season of the game-changing MTV show, occurred when Deena Nicole had a solo meatball day. At first, she tried to audition new meatball replacements for Snooki, but she only wound up crying in the street while running (unsuccessfully) from the cops.

In a new interview with Celebuzz, Deena contextualizes some of that sadness, but somehow only manages to make us feel even sorrier for her.

“[Snooki] wasn’t living in the house so when I would come home drunk by myself, my roommates would sometimes make fun of me or make jokes,” she explains. “I’d take offense to it because I’m drunk and I always felt alone for some reason.”

No meatball should ever stand (or face-plant) alone! Watch the full interview below.

Credit: Celebuzz Photo: How Did the Roommates Offend Deena Nicole During Jersey Shore Season 6? (VIDEO)

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