Credit: MTV

We all saw Deena Nicole  suffer with some serious anxiety during the last season of Jersey Shore. While she contemplated going home, she ultimately stuck out the trip, making the best out of it.

But now that she’s home, is she happy and safe? Unfortunately, no.

I've always had anxiety,” she told MTV. “As I'm getting older it's getting worse.”

And even though she is with her boyfriend, Chris Buckner, things are far from perfect. She made sure to clear the air for those who think it had to do with being away from her beau.

“It really had nothing to do with Chris [during Season 6], it was more to do with myself,” she revealed. “In the house I couldn't cope the way I do at home, and I was just learning how to at home.”

She goes on to say that the show made her look like she “was going crazy,” because she was fighting against herself.

“I didn't want to talk about what was going on in my head on-camera, because I don't really open up with that kind of stuff,” she concluded.

Here’s hoping that her anxiety gets better now that she’s home. We’re thinking some Dancing with the Stars could be a great distraction! What do you think? Tell us below!

Source: MTV