Credit: Instagram

Deena Nicole has been showing off her svelte new figure ever since Jersey Shore Season 5. Recently, she made a pact with herself to drop even more pounds by the time she and her boyfriend Chris traveled to Aruba for their first vacation together. She's still working on that goal, and often proudly showing off her bod. She even strutted her stuff on the runway during New York Fashion Week!

Deena recently Instagrammed this pic showing off how super slim she’s gotten, and we can hardly believe how skinny-minny and in-shape she's looking.

“BAM,” Deena wrote as a caption for her latest pic, punching proudly for the camera while posing to show off her slender curves. We’re definitely impressed, but we know her "secret" to success is simple: plenty of strength and cardio, cutting back on alcohol, and healthy eating.

We think Deena is cute at any size, but we're glad to see her sticking with her healthy regimen. And, most importantly, we're happy that she seems happy!

What do you think of Deena’s super slim physique? Are you surprised at how far she’s gotten in her quest to get in shape? Are you using her as inspiration? Share below!

Source: Instagram