Credit: Photo courtesy of MTV © and TM MTV Networks Photo: Pauly and Deena Kiss on the Jersey Shore Season 4 Premiere

Deena Nicole may take the cake (and bake the cake) when it comes to telling America how horny she is. And not just for guidos — she thinks guidettes are hot, too, and says kissing girls is “easier” than kissing guys.

The self-described “good time” tells the NY Daily News that she prefers making out with the ladies because “You don’t have to worry about the frickin’ guy that’s going to try and take you home and, like, sleep with you or try and, like, be disgusting.”

Somehow we doubt she’s referring to Pauly D, who Deena found the opposite of disgusting. Though not necessarily a better kisser than fellow meatball Snooki: “Me and Snooks were more like ‘Woo! Fun!,’ and me and Pauly was like, ‘Drunken mess!’”

Deena doesn’t consider herself  bisexual, but she is the queen of robberies — her theft of The Situation’s twinset in Florence is one of our favorite Jersey Shore moments.

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Source: NY Daily News

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