We are slightly in love with drunk Deena Nicole. Especially when she tiptoes her intoxicated feet into the Jersey Shore confessional room and reports a “friggin asteroid UFO” sighting.

You see, nobody else saw the “ball of flame with two tails,” but Deena did, as she giddily reports in this deleted scene. At first she thought it was “a firework.” Then she thought it was a flaming kite. But then she knew: It was “something maneuvering the aliens from the planet to frickin’ here.”

She has a message for the aliens, by the way. “All’s I’m saying is I’m your friend. I will frickin’ not hurt you if you’re real. Just come here and I will be cool.”

Watch the video below to see how Deena talks to aliens. As it turns out, it's not that different from how she talks to people.

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Credit: Examiner Photo: Watch: Deena Nicole Describes Her UFO Sighting

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