Credit: David Livingston/Getty Images Photo: Deena Nicole Looks Over Her Shoulder at In Touch Weekly's Annual Icons & Idols Celebration on September 12, 2010
Much like the people who brought you GTL, grenade, and MVP, the newest Jersey Shore member, Deena Nicole, has a choice vocabulary of her own. She’s a friend of Snooki, so it's little surprise she has a mouth to match her bestie — and she's not afraid to tell someone off to their face. Here's a dictionary of some of the words and phrases she's used in the past.

Backpack: n. a guy who continues to follow you around, even after you’ve made it clear he won't be getting it in tonight. Usage: "It's impossible to get a drink or dance with so many backpacks clinging to us."

Blackout phase: n. Deena's anger level at which she tends to not remember the awesomely mean things she's just said to her victim. Usage: "Deena made several people cry when she went into full blackout phase last night."

Blow job: n. Deena's version of "guy." It's unclear if these are male grenades or guys she actually likes. Possible usage: "Partners-in-crime Deena and Snooki will try to avoid bringing blow jobs back to the house in Season 3."

Deena local: n. Deena's status pre-Jersey Shore. Usage: "Deena's former cocktail patrons can now brag that they knew her when she was Deena local in the clubs."

Hammerhead: n. Deena's word for "girl." Whether she means grenades or JWOWW-esque praying mantises remains to be seen. Usage: "As usual, the boys were chillin' with hammerheads in the hot tub."

Upgrade [name of a girl]: v. to replace a girl no one likes with someone everyone likes. Usage: "When Deena moved into the JS house, she upgraded Angelina."
Credit: Courtesy of MTV Photo: Newest Shore Member Deena Nicole Shares Her Unfavorable Opinion of Angelina
Credit: Courtesy of MTV Photo: Deena Nicole Likes to Insult People in Her Own Way