Deena Nicole may have gotten arrested while filming Jersey Shore Season 6, but at least she can count on Mama Cortese to defend her against any party girl reputation she may have picked up.

Joann Cortese, who was photographed along with Deena’s father when they bailed their little meatball out of jail on June 10, tells the New York Post that her daughter is not just “party-party.” “She’s a very funny person,” says Joann. “I’m not just saying that, she’s got this very comedic way about her.”

Well we knew that! Who can forget Deena’s many LOL-worthy GIFs, or her informative lectures on aliens? But according to Joann, Deena’s taking her funny show on the road someday. Joann says her daughter wants to eventually turn her comedic chops into a career, doing “voice-overs for cartoons or [to] be on a sitcom.”

We’re all about seeing more Deena on the small screen. Her most recent appearance on Watch What Happens! Live is a great example of how entertaining the pint-size guidette can be. And Joann insists, “Deena knows how to work.”

So work it, Deena!

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Source: NY Post

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