Angelina recently posted a music video called “Serendipity” of her attempting to sing and pretending to wed another woman, part of her response to backlash after she was caught speaking out against gay marriage, and her seemingly never-ending plight to stay in the spotlight.

In the controversial new video, which has way more dislikes than likes on YouTube right now, Angelina and singer Adam Barta made it seem as though they were preparing to meet up for their special day, only to reveal the video’s “twist” at the end: they were having joint gay marriages in Times Square.

Credit: STILL

Did Angelina go too far in this video by pretending to be gay? She’s already made it quite clear that she’s against gay marriage before rushing to apologize and admit her ignorance on the subject — a big and sudden shift in opinion that one can only take with a grain of salt. Did she just apologize to garner more fan support? It’s unclear, but what we do know is that Angelina’s new video is nuts, and certainly will offend some people.

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