Credit: Twitter Photo: JWOWW and Roger Stand in Front of a Chapel

We all know that JWOWW wants a Vegas wedding, but when she and fiancé, Roger Mathews, headed to Sin City this weekend, did they tie the knot?

“Yep. It’s official. We did something in Vegas we never thought we would do,” Rog tweeted on Sunday with a photo of him and Jenni in front of a Las Vegas wedding chapel.

We were in shock for a few minutes — especially when JWOWW re-tweeted his message — but we caught our breath again once he wrote a follow-up tweet. They didn’t get married — they just tried foie gras for the first time! The trickster tweeted:

Also re-tweeting that, Jenni added, “He was kidding…. I would never… Well most likely never lol.”

Well, one thing’s for sure: There’s no way that the couple would tie the knot without Snooki there!

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