Credit: Snooki's Twitter Photo: Snooki and Pauly D Pose For a Pic

Pauly D and Lindsay Lohan … who knew?!

Snooki spilled the beans on some potential hookup history between the Jersey Shore star and the troubled actress during her Q&A with Celebuzz, saying “I feel like Pauly made out with her once, but maybe I made that up I don’t know … I feel like it was the first time we were in L.A., and she was flirting with Pauly, and I feel like they made out, but that was like three years [ago], but I never met her.”

Pity Snooks couldn’t elaborate on that little nugget of gossip!

So, where was she when said incident supposedly went down? Oh, just rubbing elbows with Leonardo DiCaprio like it’s no big deal.

“Me and Jenni were chilling with Leonardo DiCaprio,” she said. “We thought we were so cool … I just told him that he was so hot in Titanic and I just love him.”

Do you think the pair made out? To hear more about Pauly D’s possible hookup with LiLo, watch the video below!

Source: Celebuzz

Credit: Celebuzz Photo: Snooki Dishes on Pauly D's Possible Hookup With Lindsay Lohan! (VIDEO)