Adding more fuel to the Snooki pregnancy rumors is Poppa Snooki himself, who sent his baby an overwhelmingly loving, supportive, and exclamation-point-filled message via Facebook:

“nicole have a great day today! just wanted to thank everyone for your great comments and support! even the haters!!!! and yes this is poppa snooki writing on nicoles page!! i love you nicole. dad xxoo”

We’ve seen Poppa Snooks already on Jersey Shore Season 5, and his appearance made one thing very clear: he loves his precious daughter. After Snooki forgot he was coming to the Shore house one day, despite making plans in advance, she continued to sit for a lengthy hair extensions process. Then she told him to run her errands while she finished. And he still loved her to bits!

But for him to Facebook Snooks with such a personal, lovey dovey message is not something Poppa Snooks does very often at all. Could it be yet another sign that our favorite meatball has her own meatball in the oven?

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Source: Facebook

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