Credit: MTV © and TM MTV Networks Photo: Vinny in a Jersey Shore Miami Beach Promo Shot

Vinny started out as the nice guy on Jersey Shore and, while he's still sweeter (and more intelligent) than most of the cast, he's definitely upped his bad boy edge over the last few seasons. From adding facial hair to rocking a fauxhawk during Season 5, our little boy is all grown up.

Accentuating this new image, this video hints that Vinny may have gotten a giant chest tattoo. It certainly looks that way, judging from this footage of Vinny out and about in LA, where a low cut shirt reveals what seems to be large, looping letters. When asked if it's a new tattoo, Vinny quickly covers up, saying "I can't tell you, that's Season 5."

Of course, that's a pretty damning statement, since permanent marker doesn't exactly last for months after the fact. It could be one of those temporary six-months tats, but our money is on the real thing. This new development raises the question: what does it say?

Check it out for yourself:

Credit: HollywoodTV via YouTube Photo: Watch! Vinny's New Chest Tattoo?

Source: Hollywood TV

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