Credit: MTV Photo: Snooki Drinks From a Bottle on Jersey Shore Season 6, Episode 11

Over the past year, we’ve seen Jersey Shore party girl Snooki completely transform. After she found out she was pregnant, she immediately stopped drinking, and the only bottle she’s on now is the one she’s feeding her son, Lorenzo!

But given that her little one is nearly 5 months old and doesn’t necessarily have to breastfeed — formula for the win, y’all — is she partying again? Not so fast!

When a fan asked her about her new mom drinking status, she responded with a logical answer: she has no time! She tweeted:

Aww. We’ll send her a bottle of Grig (Pinot Grigio, obviously) for a relaxing and romantic night at home with Jionni! However, it might not be enough for her.

When a fan commented that she’s sure Snooks must “CRAVE alcohol,” the guidette didn’t deny it. “Who doesn’t?” she tweeted back. We feel ya, girl.

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