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Snooki fans are in for a happy surprise after the next episode of Jersey Shore (Season 6, Episode 5: “Old Profession”, airing October 18). MTV will air a special look at Snooki’s first weeks with baby Lorenzo LaValle and fiancé Jionni LaValle, as they fall in love with their smiley little meatball.

In the sneak peek below, Snooki starts crying while talking about how happy she is. “I’m just really happy that, you know, Lorenzo’s here … I’ve always wanted a kid, and he’s here, and he’s healthy and he’s beautiful. I love him.”

We see Snooki weighing her baby boy, who grew to 6 ½ pounds at the time of filming (He was “a healthy 6 pounds” at birth), and enjoying the smell of Lorenzo’s farts. After Snooki realizes, “Oh my god, he just s**t on my leg,” she says, “He’s so cool.”

We guess there really are some things only a mother can love! Check out the clip below.

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Credit: MTV Photo: Snooki’s Baby Lorenzo Makes Her Cry From Happiness in New Home Video (VIDEO)

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Catch the next new episode of Jersey Shore on Thursday, October 18 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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