Credit: Mejia / Asadorian / Splash News Photo: Sammi, Deena, and Vinny in Seaside on June 7, 2012

We can see it now on Jersey Shore Season 6: Sammi, Vinny, and Deena Nicole buy groceries for family dinner, proceed to spill them all over the driveway, then Deena explains the dilemma in the confessional with phrases like "get real" and "this isn't rocket scientist." Oh, how we miss this guido/guidette bunch.

The food-shopping trio was seen in Seaside Heights, NJ yesterday (June 7), looking confused when their bundles took a tumble onto the driveway at the Shore house. Well, as long as the dessert platter Sammi was holding made it out in one piece, we think the party will go on.

Speaking of parties, we wonder if the macaroni rascals were doing their usual group dinner, or if there could be a housewarming bash going on at Snooki's new pad. Just a thought. It's not like we're rocket scientists.

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