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If you’ve ever wanted to see Staten Island through the eyes of an “original guido,” now you’ve got your chance. Vinny’s kooky Uncle Nino is featured in a new Show With Vinny special, in which he gives us a tour of his favorite haunts in the NYC borough, including a place where he kicks off his own guido routine — “Gym, Tanning, Octopus.” Why Octopus? Because he loves eating grilled octopus...

In the new MTV video, Nino said that when he first immigrated to Staten Island from Italy as a kid, he didn’t like it and wanted to go back, but now he loves it and has made it his own. You can watch him narrowly avoiding an oncoming collision with a bus, pointing out the scene of a past love affair, eating, drinking, and tanning, of course!

MTV Remote Control Blog says that there is no other way of putting it: Uncle Nino is one “crazy motherf--ker,” and adivses you wear a helmet for this crazy ride.

Vinny had something to say of course, tweeting: “WOW. will never be the same. Thanks @TheRealUncleNino. SMH.”

Check out the video of Uncle Nino’s crazy Staten Island tour below, then let us know what you think of his wild ride in the comments!

Source: MTV