Credit: Photo courtesy of MTV © and TM MTV Networks Photo: The Girls Go Out on the Town on Jersey Shore September 1, 2011

Kids these days. What will they think of next? A clever little hacker in Brooklyn named Matt Richardson developed a TV remote that will actually mute the television when things you don't want to hear about are being discussed, e.g. Sarah Palin, Charlie Sheen, or Snooki.

Basically, the remote is programmed with a name, word, or phrase it should mute, and hooked up to the closed captioning system on your TV. It then screens the CC transcripts as they air, and mutes the TV if the programmed buzzword is uttered. Personally, we don't mind hearing Snooki's name in the news, but we do hate watching Sam/Ron fights. So maybe our remotes would be programmed to mute at the words "you did me dirty" or "stop it" or "I'm done." Just a thought.

While the inventor doesn't plan on reaping any sort of commercial success off his gadget, he did say that the first time he got it to work, he "was in silent bliss for that 30 seconds I didn't have to hear about Kim Kardashian."

Are we the only ones who kind of think he's onto something...?

Source: CNN