Jersey Shore's resident DJ, Pauly D, turns 32 today, June 5. In honor of the big day, here are ten reasons we think Pauly rocks.

1. He's funny. We can always count on him to bring the laughs on the show.

2. He's talented. It's no surprise the theme song for The Pauly D Project became a hit on iTunes. Not to mention that record deal with 50 Cent!

3. He's a businessman. Pauly's main focus outside Jersey Shore is his music career, but that doesn't mean he hasn't made good on his famous persona with some sweet branding deals. We love a business-savvy reality star.

4. His muscles. Not to be totally shallow, but um, yeah. We approve.

5. He got a lap dance from Britney SpearsThat's an automatic +1000 cool points.

6. He's great at pranks. Remember that time he and Vinny moved the entire inside of the Shore house to the roof? It was awesome. 

7. He claims he can't danceFor some reason, we find that very endearing.

8. This video of Pauly being interrogated by the Men In Black. Just watch it. You'll understand.

9. His hair. No one rocks the blow out like Pauly.

10. His bromance with Vinny. This friendship continues to be one of our very favorite parts of the show. How cute are they?

Rebecca Martin is an editor at Wetpaint Entertainment. Follow her on Twitter @BeccaMartin47

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