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It’s a well-known fact that watching Jersey Shore fights and bar brawls is a guilty pleasure. But so is watching the castmates kiss and make up after those fights — even if we don’t see it happen as often.

In the bonus scene from Jersey Shore Season 6 below, Ronnie has flowers sent to Sammi after his bad behavior in Season 6, Episode 2: “No Shame, Good Integrity,” when he got a little too wastey-pants and started picking fights with her for no reason. Sammi sees the flowers and loves them. But the card is what seals the deal.

“I’m sorry. I’m an asshole. I love you Sam.” That’s Ron Ron’s adorable note to his beloved. As he says, what’s better than that?

Check out the clip below to see what true love looks like on Jersey Shore!

Credit: MTV Photo: Sammi and Ronnie Kiss and Make Up, Jersey Shore-Style (VIDEO)

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