Credit: TSEL / Splash News Photo: Nicole Polizzi Looking Badass

It’s the question we’ve all been mildly curious about. How did Nicole Polizzi become “Snooki”? Turns out, the answer lies in a 10-year-old movie about dancing.

The answer was revealed during the cast’s appearance on The Rachael Ray Show last year. Ray was wise enough to ask Snooki the question that was on everyone's mind. This was her response: “I think it was like eighth grade, and I was the first girl in my girlfriends to make out with a guy. So you know Save the Last Dance Snooki the cootchie crook? It was the D.J. Anyway, my girls started calling me Snooki, so it just stuck ever since. I was in eighth grade!”

That’s right, Snooki got her nickname from the 2001 Julia Stiles vehicle Save The Last Dance after she became the first girl in her school to make out with a guy. It should probably go without saying that none of this really surprises us.